New Website Up and Running!

August 15, 2011

Part of any writer’s journey to publication is a website, these days. One of the first things I was asked when I joined my writing/querying forum ( was if I had a website.

“No, no website.  Unless Facebook counts.”

“Dude, you NEED a website.”

Okay, okay, I’ll do the website. Found a hosting site ( and began he tedious process of building it. Seems a bit foolish, since I haven’t submitted my manuscript for publication yet. Putting the cart before the horse?  Seems so to my logical mind. But as these things go, publishers like to see effort on your part towards marketing and name recognition.  So, for a grueling month, I’ve been hammering and perfecting it, getting the kinks and bugs worked out. The hardest part was getting it searchable on Google. Just entering in a name isn’t enough. I had to get a code from Google, insert the HTML into my website, upload it and then get Google to confirm they received it.

That simple task took almost six hours, despite following the directions to the letter. I even got to talk to a very pretty robot named “Erin” via chat to resolve the problem.

Anyway, I now have a functional, albeit plain, website. I put a home page to market the manuscript, a couple of excerpts, an “About Me” page, an ad for my writing and editing services, and a little post I did on writing. And the all-important contact page.

I have to say, it feels kinda cool to have my own website up. Does it make me a celebrity now?  Ha!

Here it is, for those who care to take a look:

Writers and editors, especially, let me know what you think.


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