Home Repair on a Budget, Day Three

August 23, 2011

Following a delay of a few weeks to do a babysitting job and take care of some things at my grandmother’s house, I got back into the swing of things this week.  The first order of business was purchasing a little more paint for the walls. I had enough for the first coat, and about half a second coat. Thus a third gallon was necessary. This worked out perfectly, as I now have a half-gallon left over for touch ups when I need them.

So, I tackled it and knocked it out in one day for the main part of the walls, and the second day I did all the edges around the trim, windows, baseboards, and so on.  Thus, this short post is actually a Day Three and Day Four, combined.  Which makes sense, as the work was really all one thing: painting walls. Nothing exciting about that. So where are we on the budget?  Let’s see.

Previous spent:                                           $46.53

New paint, brushes and tape                    $32.44

Total                                                             $78.97

That total represents 3 gallons of Valspar flat wall paint, masking tape, brushes, and a pan for the roller brushes. I bought enough roller brushes for the whole house, so that expense won’t be repeated. Next project: trim work!


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